Introducing... My Photography as Wallpapers!

There's a new "Photography" section on this site, and I want to highlight something I've been doing for years that has kind of flown under the radar: for a while, I maintained some galleries on Flickr of my photography formatted for display as wallpapers for your devices. It was cool, but it kind of languished, lost in a sea of public Flickr galleries that few ever saw.

So, I decided to integrate those galleries with this website. Now, with this site and blog in full swing, I can bring a bit more attention to it! Plus, the images have been recut and polished just a wee bit more!

They're available from the Photography dropdown right above this post, or straight from this hyperlink!

These are some of my favorites:

Sunset Cliffs Misty Seas

Oceanside Wave I

Fiery Sunset from Ocean Beack

sui generis.

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